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Experience and quality of electrical work for your facility

Available in Saudi Arabia

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Ten year products and materials guarantee, Five years installation guarantee, after sales support.


As built plans.


Best Pricing.

Easily reachable through call center, email, website and apps.


Extensive list of completed projects.

Engineering Plans
Construction work planning
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For over twenty five years, we have been cultivating Electrical Installations experience. Noortech's certified Engineers and Technicians showcase their extensive training in their accurate system designs and execution of electrical works with effectiveness and safety.


Noortech offers services and deliverables that enable homes and businesses to reduce their reliance on fossil fuel resources and in doing so contribute to local non-oil GDP’s growth in line with Vision 2030. 

Noortech aims to be an influential force in Saudi society and business transition to solar power, availing best of class solar installations in the local market.


Best practices, standards and requirements in every aspect of work. 

Preserve and protect the property, facilities and privacy of customers.

Fair treatment, trust and respect.

Infectious disease control through personnel vaccinations and tests.

Excellent appearance and hygiene standards.


Noortech’s electrical engineers and technicians have the necessary skills and expertise to deliver quality safe installations.


About Noortech

Noortech is a specialized Medium Voltage Electrical Contractor that provides Low Voltage Systems and renewable energy solutions that increase  buildings efficiency and reduce electricity bills and add value to the property and also reduce its carbon footprint.


Noortech has been an electrical contractor for over 25 years and has successfully completed projects for leading entities.


Noortech also provides expert advice on the design of electrical systems to help ensure constructability and maintainability. As well, we install AC/DC power systems, alternative power solutions like solar systems.


Our Services

Energy Consumption

Load studies: verify electrical system capacity before adding loads


Energy assessments: quantify energy consumption before, and after improvements, to justify energy saving devices


Harmonics measurements: uncover harmonic issues that can damage or disrupt critical equipment


Voltage and current event capture: monitor for dips, swells and inrush currents that cause false resets or nuisance circuit breaker tripping

Measuring power factor

Installation of Low Voltage Systems

Solar Power Systems




IP Telephone Systems


Security Cameras


Access Control

Installation of Medium Voltage Systems


Industrial Electrical Services


Emergency Power/Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)/Generators

Automatic Controllers


Cabling & Cable Trays


Electrical Distribution Panel Systems and Switchgears


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